Steam Conditioning

Highly superheated steam is often produced to do mechanical work such as drive turbines.

Saturated steam is much more effective for heat transfer and is often conditioned in main process lines to be slightly superheated. The amount of energy available for release during the phase change from vapour to liquid is tied to the specific pressure and temperature of the process.

Spartan Controls’ desuperheating solutions provide many means of controlling to a temperature set point with variable loads such as separate or combined pressure and temperature control. By conditioning the steam the efficiency of thermal transfer to heat exchangers is improved. 

The Fisher TBX Steam Conditioning Control Valve consolidates proven Fisher Control Valve and noise attenuation technologies and the Fisher TBX-T spraywater manifold desuperheater into one package to handle your toughest steam letdown and turbine bypass applications in the power and process industry.
The Fisher TBX-T Ring-style Desuperheater is designed for large steam flow desuperheating applications in the power and process industries.
The Fisher E-body globe control valve family has industry leading technical features and can be configured to handle virtually any challenging process condition. Fisher E-bodies feature multiple quick change trim choices in an unmatched variety of material choices, flow characterizations and CV selections to suit a variety of service conditions.
The Fisher DMA series of insertion type desuperheaters are designed for accurate temperature control and easy maintenance (removable and replaceable nozzles) for steam desuperheating applications in the power and process industries.
The Fisher DVI wafer style desuperheater is well suited for low steam velocities and/or small pipe sizes (down to 1 inch) where it is prohibitive to use the insertion style.
Where steam flows are too low to support and suspend the water spray for desuperheating, the Fisher DAS insertion style is the desuperheater of choice. This model utilizes a high pressure steam source to assist in the rapid and complete atomization of the spray water as it is injected into the main steam path.
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