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Heat Exchanger Monitoring Heat Exchanger Monitoring

Reduce Energy Costs with Wireless Acoustic Transmitters

Often described as the "workhorse” of the industrial process industry, the shell and tube heat exchanger is an immensely versatile unit, able to handle a wide range of process applications and conditions. 
Monitoring efficiency keeps plants increases uptime and profitability. 

Top 5 Measurements in Energy Management

How it works - Heat Exchanger Efficiency

Leveraging pre-built algorithms based on decades of process experience and industry-vetted analytics, this solution delivers reliable predictive diagnostics.

3 Benefits of online monitoring if heat exchangers

1. Reduce Production Loss

Predictive and continuous heat exchanger monitoring helps optimize cleaning for enhanced production and energy efficiency.

2. Cut Maintenance Costs

Automated monitoring reduces costs caused by reactive maintenance.

3. Proactively Monitor KPIs

Continually calculate and track key performance indicators like fouling, heavy duty, and heat transfer coefficient.

Simplify Heat Exchanger Efficiency

How It Works

How It Works

Data is collected using WirelessHart technology, and sent to the control room for notification, recording and reporting. The Plantweb Insight Heat Exchanger Monitoring application provides a dashboard view, asset summary and details, and event logs of your relief events.
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Key Features

Key Features

Enhanced heat exchanger monitoring:
- In-depth and continuous insights for better decision making
- Pre-built algorithms for enhanced efficiency
- Real-time status and alerts on an easy-to-use visual dashboard
- Predictive diagnostics and alert prioritization for maintenance

Seamless integration:
- Easy configuration and integration with existing systems and wireless infrastructure
- Remote connectivity via desktop or mobile devices
- Flexible software installation across web browsers

Actionable information:
- Automatic device data interpretation
- Improved reliability, safety, and environmental efficiency