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TruckVue, RailVue, & TUS


Preventative maintenance services provided by our certified, factory-trained technicians will help to optimize system performance and minimize facility downtime. 

Technicians can protect and extend the life cycle of our hardware by identifying component or environmental problems early that may affect future system operations. They can also identify system performance problems that may affect the ongoing accuracy of the system’s volume and water cut readings. 

By receiving priority access to software hot fixes, service technicians and our hot spare inventory, you will be minimizing potential downtime periods. The additional reporting tools provided under our maintenance program will assist in providing you with the required documentation during provincial regulatory audits (i.e., AER Directive 17).

In addition to a significant discount in our truck unloading hourly rates, under the maintenance program you will be entitled to free emergency support services that may help in determining a resolution to the problem and in turn help to avoid unnecessary chargeable field service visits. 

Quarterly or Semi-Annual Maintenance:

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Review of Truck and Rail Transfer System event and alarm log files.
Inspect file management and database management.
Inspect transactional scan data files on each transfer point to ensure the health of riser specific instrumentation and software performance.
Backup the customer configuration and database to the Spartan Customer Profile Database.
Record any hardware or software changes to the Spartan Customer Profile Database.
Install required hot fixes to the software.
Check and clean the transfer system panel of dust and debris as necessary
Ensure a complete backup of the configuration and database resides on a USB drive for recovery purposes
Check Modbus network communication health status.
Calibration of all water cut equipment i.e., Ametek Drexelbrook and Phase Dynamics.
Run a meter verification on all applicable Micro Motion meters.
Address any ongoing operator concerns.