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Simplify hydro operations management using a common controls platform.

Simplify hydro operations management using a common controls platform.

Hydro plants can have multiple systems across the unit for governor controls, unit controls, HMI, excitation and balance of plant. This can lead to challenges in lifecycle planning as well as troubleshooting. Having one common system for all required functions can mitigate these issues as well as enable easier fleet-level operations management.

Make Emerson Ovation™ part of your automation strategy.

The Emerson Ovation™ system gives you the ability to centralize your operations from a single control room with integrated device monitoring, historical logging and reporting of data, and remote access. This intuitive and user friendly tool provides plant-wide control for all levels of hydroelectric power plant technologies and applications. Gain seamless integration of third party hardware such as voltage regulators, turbine governors, protection systems, metering systems, AC/DC auxiliaries, and emergency systems by utilizing this best-in-class technology.  

Centralize operations for plant-wide control
Meet regulatory and commercial objectives
Ensure high equipment availability
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