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Multi-Purpose Dynamic Simulation
The Challenge

The Challenge

Testing new operators, strategies, and designs on your live plant is never a great option, and can very easily lead to lost production, equipment damage or major safety concerns. Accept the risk and proceed with caution, or reject the risk and live without the proposed improvement. Neither of these options is especially desirable and both have major implications on plant profitability.
The Solution

The Solution

Dynamic simulation is a proven technology used to reduce risk and improve plant profitability by providing a safe and efficient environment to design, build, and test control strategies; train new and veteran operators; and drive process optimization through the development of process improvements in an off-line environment.

Our approach combines leading simulation technology with experienced industry experts to create a virtual plant that replicates both the operator experience and process response of a live production system.
Accelerate Green-Field Commissioning
New Operator Training & Capture Operator Knowledge
Test New Strategies
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