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Process Control Design
The Challenge

The Challenge

Site regulatory controls are often designed using template strategies and default tuning parameters to provide basic operational functionality. While this approach tends to work fairly well for common flow, pressure and temperature loops, there is often significant room for improvement on more complex applications. Common regulatory control applications that benefit from strategy design improvements include: 
  • Cascade control loops
  • Highly-coupled control loops
  • Mid-ranging controls for major/minor valve setup
  • pH and other non-linear control applications
  • Concentration, reagent dosing and blending controls
  • Pump box level management
  • Tanks in series
  • Deadtime-dominant control loops
The Solution

The Solution

The Process Solutions team at Spartan are experts in process control strategy design so that you don't have to be. We bring industrial best-practices to tackle the most challenging loops to your plant, and get them up and running quickly. 

Whether it is a single control loop that has tormented operators for years or a plant-wide control philosophy re-design, Spartan can help.
Improved Process Stability
Reduced Risk to Safety & Environment
Reduced Risk of Trips & Failures
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