Spartan Controls is the leading provider of industrial automation, valves, measurement and process control technology and solutions in Western Canada.

As a Canadian, employee owned company, Spartan Controls is recognized as a leading Best Managed Company with exceptional Customer relations and best-in-class technologies and services designed to meet our Customers' automation challenges head on.

Spartans are Customer-minded, entrepreneurial people who have invested in their skills, training and development. Those who succeed at Spartan are team focused with a real do-what-it-takes work ethic to ensure the highest levels of Customer service.

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Spartan culture is cited often as a substantial advantage by Customers, companies we represent, and even competitors. From the company's inception in 1963, the culture was built on a foundation of employee ownership and serving the Customer with the highest degree of responsiveness, knowledge and commitment in the industry. 

Spartan is 100% employee owned. Permanently-employed Spartans have the opportunity to invest their own money in the company, and do so with a keen interest in what is important for the Customer, themselves and for the business to succeed. 

Our culture is also about empowered Customer service. A Spartan can do what it takes to solve a Customer problem, address a need, or respond to an issue - without the need to go to a higher level of authority. They might seek consultation, maybe ask other Spartans for help, but they can champion what they think is best for the Customer. Powerful. 

This type of culture also drives a tremendous amount of entrepreneurship and innovation. Teamwork and mutual respect is high. Ask a newer Spartan what they like the most or find unique about working at Spartan and they will very often cite the great people. No matter who they speak with, all Spartans are willing to help fellow Spartans learn, address an issue or offer other support. This makes the work environment that much more high energy and fun. Visitors to Spartan ask why everyone is so happy. It's the culture. 

Great Place To Work

Workplace innovation and differentiation is important and Spartan supports a thriving workplace that incorporates healthy living, fun, energy, effective spaces, and technology. We keep Spartans energized by providing a great place to work:

  • 11 Locations across Western Canada.
  • New fitness facility, Spartan Kitchen, and more.
  • Recognition programs for long service, individual and team effort, exceptional quality, and other special achievements.
  • On-boarding, mentorship programs and training and development opportunities to orient new Spartans and continuously sustain and build industry skills.
  • Working for a leader in technology and innovation. (Named ASET 2015 Technical Employer of the Year)
  • Regular confidential feedback survey to ask Spartans about their workplace and suggested ideas for improvements.
  • Community investment opportunities which include formal charitable programs and general community involvement.

An Opportunity To Be Paid Like An Owner

At Spartan we want everyone to be as committed to company success as any owner would be. We also want all Spartans to enjoy the financial rewards of company success as owners do.

Spartan Controls' entrepreneurial compensation is structured so that Spartans receive base pay (regular, fixed salary amount) and profit-sharing (variable amount each quarter based on company profits). Spartans contribute to company profits and success and share in those profits.

Spartan Controls has always been wholly owned by its employees and our ownership program is one of our unique business strengths. All Spartans have the opportunity to become owners and purchase shares in Spartan Controls.

A Job With Personal Support And Benefits

We keep Spartans energized with personal support systems such as:

  • Comprehensive and competitive benefits package including health and dental coverage.
  • Support for Spartan Families (scholarships, summer student programs and other unique benefits to support Spartans' children).
  • Educational assistance.
  • Performance development, as well as regular and frequent discussion of achievements, work progress and business direction.
  • Enhanced work/life balance achieved with flexible work hours and a program of flexible days off work in addition to vacation.

Applying for Positions

Spartan Controls Ltd. uses a web-based recruitment management system. To begin the application process, you will need an active email address and will be asked to create a password.

Logging in with your email address and password will allow you to communicate securely with Spartan when:

  • Applying for a career opportunity with Spartan, including leaving your resume and answering employment questions. You may update your information at any time before the job posting closes.
  • Managing your online Candidate Profile. You may update your information at any time.
  • Signing up for automatic job posting alerts (RSS feed) at Spartan Controls.

Having difficulty using our web-based recruitment software? Read the Frequently Asked Questions.

Interview Process

At Spartan, we’re looking for people who fit our entrepreneurial and innovative culture – we truly believe our people are our greatest assets. Our interview process allows us to discover if you're the right fit for our team, and for you to determine if we're the right fit for you. 

We review all applications and choose those candidates whose qualifications most closely meet our requirements. You will be contacted by a member of our Human Resource team to set up a time for an initial interview.

The initial interview is conducted by a number of Spartans directly related to the posted position. This process helps us get a feel for your skill set, interests and career goals. It also helps us see if there’s a match between our needs and your strengths. After the interview, you will be contacted about the outcome of your interview. If you are one of the most qualified candidates for the role, you will move to the next stage of the interview process.

Our team is committed to providing you with information on the status of your application throughout the interview process. If you have been selected as our successful candidate, you will receive an offer letter that outlines the terms and conditions of your employment. 

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