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Hydrogen can support growing energy demand while reducing the global CO2 footprint. It can decarbonize sectors that are difficult to meaningfully reduce emissions and today's technology is ready to safely produce, store, move, and use hydrogen in many ways.

At Spartan Controls, we have proven solutions to the challenges faced throughout the entire hydrogen value chain but we also continue to innovate and seek new ways to apply process control and automation technologies in this emerging industry.

Hydrogen Production

Hydrogen Production

Hydrogen is the cleanest burning and most efficient fuel ​. It exists naturally on Earth but not in large quantities in its elemental form and is produced industrially in several ways. Common methods of hydrogen production include Steam-Methane Reforming (SMR), Autothermal Reforming (ATR), as well as Gasification, Pyrolysis or Electrolysis of water. In all of these processes, automation plays an important role in ensuring safe, reliable and efficient operation while minimizing costs.
Hydrogen Transportation and Storage

Hydrogen Transportation and Storage

While long term strategies will involve transporting and using pure Hydrogen, the more immediate applications are focused on blending Hydrogen into existing natural gas pipelines. Blending Hydrogen into natural gas taps into the industry’s decarbonization potential. Currently, in Western Canada, Hydrogen can be blended up to 15% into existing natural gas pipeline networks. Hydrogen storage in underground salt-caverns or depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs and above-ground pressurized vessels are on the roadmap. Accurate, reliable blending and safe handling and storage of Hydrogen relies on proven measurement and automation technologies coupled with modern digital connectivity.
Hydrogen Analysis Whitepaper

Hydrogen Analysis Whitepaper

There are several challenges associated with measuring Hydrogen concentrations, from production through to its various uses. Spartan Controls has several solutions available for Hydrogen analysis in different applications.

Learn more from our Analyzer Specialist, Don Ford. Click below for more on Hydrogen Purity Analysis. 

Hydrogen Purity Analysis 

Key Challenges in Hydrogen

  • Meeting fugitive emission requirements and minimizing leakage for Hydrogen installations. Proper selection of equipment, sealing and packing to avoid leakage, and gold plating to avoid embrittlement is critical.
  • New and emerging uses of Hydrogen require packaged solutions for applications such as blending into natural gas. A proven blending solution from Spartan reduces your project risk while quickly enabling a reduction in the carbon intensity of your processes.
  • Meeting and maintaining targeted blend rates for Hydrogen into Natural Gas systems can be challenging. Precise measurement and accurate control is essential in Hydrogen blending systems.
  • Ensuring measurement and control equipment is certified for Hydrogen environments. Spartan offers an extensive range of measurement, control, and electrical equipment suitable for installation in Class 1 Group B environments.
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Spartan has a portfolio of hydrogen-ready process control and instrumentation products as well as industry applications to support your next Hydrogen project.  Our products are designed to be compatible with Hydrogen’s unique material considerations and we have customized solutions that can support your Hydrogen blending and injection needs.