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Fisher Globe Valves
D/ Easy-E / HP

Fisher Globe Valves

The industry standard for control valves, Fisher Globe valves are available for all applications.
No other globe valves offer the broad application versatility of Fisher Globe Valves. Designed to be easy-on-everybody valves that will simplify parts inventories, simplify training, or simplify service.

A choice of trims with different flow characteristics allow globe valves to be linear, equal percentage, or quick opening so they can meet capacity demands from 0.001 Cv up to 12,000 Cv.

Specialty trims are also available that have been designed to prevent noise and cavitation issues in both clean and dirty application

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Segmented Ball Valves
Fisher Vee-Ball

Segmented Ball Valves

Often seen as the workhorse in many process plants; a segmented ball valve is similar to a conventional ball valve, but with a contoured V-notch segment in the ball. This control valve has good rangeability, control, and shutoff capability. The V-notch ball provides positive shearing action and produces an inherent equal percentage flow characteristic. It provides non-clogging, high capacity flow control. The V-notch ball has been specially contoured to maximize capacity and enhance seal life and shutoff integrity.
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Cutaway of V500
Fisher V500 / CV500

Eccentric Plug Valves

A style of rotary control valve with a plug-shaped, flow-restricting member that follows an eccentric path as it rotates. The plug has no contact with its seat until it turns within a few degrees of the shutoff position. As the plug contacts or “cams” into the seat, the seating surfaces dynamically align to achieve shutoff. This valve type can also be referred to as rotary globe.

Eccentric plug rotary control valves control erosive, coking, and other hard-to-handle fluids, providing either throttling or on/off operation. 
Specialized trim and metallurgy are available for severe-service applications.
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Butterfly Valve Assembly

High Performance Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves are a type of rotary valve that use a rotating disk to control flow through a pipe. The disk is generally operable through 90 degrees and provides a linear flow characteristic.
For throttling control applications, one type of butterfly valve is now the industry standard: high performance butterfly valves (HPBVs) or double offset valves. Their advantages include a straight-through flow path, very high capacity, and ability to pass solids and viscous media.
They are frequently used in applications requiring large sizes and high temperatures due to their lower cost relative to other styles of control valves.
Available end connection styles include wafer, lugged, and double flange.

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