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Planned preventative maintenance minimizes system downtime with periodic health check-ups. Because small inaccuracies or performance problems can result in significant costs, technicians protect and extend equipment life by identifying problems. They also identify system performance problems that may affect the ongoing measurement accuracy. A properly maintained LACT or test separator system will help prevent well operator challenges and battery proration errors. 

Service Details

Service Details

This service includes inspection, adjustment, calibration, cleaning, testing and repair or replacement of the LACT or test separator system equipment supplied by Spartan Controls. Spartan will endeavor to schedule and perform quarterly or semi-annual maintenance, which includes travel time to site and vehicle mileage charge. 

Quarterly or Semi-Annual Maintenance:

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Review of FB107.
Inspect history of database management.
Inspect history log files to ensure the health of application specific instrumentation and software performance
Backup the customer configuration and database to the Spartan Customer Profile Database.
Install required hot fixes to the software.
Check and clean the RTU and panel of dust and debris as necessary.
Ensure a complete backup of the configuration and database resides on a USB drive for recovery purposes in the case of system failure.
Check Modbus network communication health status.
Calibrate water cut equipment i.e., Ametek Drexelbrook and Phase Dynamics.
Run a meter verification on all applicable Micro Motion meters.
Address any ongoing operator concerns.