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Valve Services Valve Services
At Spartan Controls Ltd, we're your trusted valve reliability partners. Our goal is to enhance your operational processes by maintaining your valve and actuation assets effectively. Our skilled technicians ensure the safety and reliability of your equipment through routine maintenance, diagnostics, and comprehensive support during shutdowns, outages, and turnarounds. With our expertise, we're here to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations at every step.
Maximize uptime and optimize your process with Fisher® certified control valve repair services. Utilize our in-house or on-site services to reduce risk. Our technicians provide innovative diagnostic, maintenance and repair solutions that allow you to address your control valve needs, minimize downtime, reduce risk, and keep your process running efficiently. Our expertise extends to both Fisher and third-party valve manufacturers, guaranteeing comprehensive support for all your control valve needs.
Maintain safety standards by deploying our Provincial certified technicians. We assist with the evaluation, repair, testing, troubleshooting and service documentation for your safety and pressure relief devices. Includes Anderson Greenwood, Crosby and third-party relief valve manufacturers.
Our expertise covers a wide range of valve types, including knife gate, gate, globe, plug, butterfly, ball, pinch, and more.
Authorized Bettis Factory trained technicians for all actuation assistance.
Whether you require on-site assistance or utilize our depot facilities, we have the capabilities to service and repair any valve within your operation.
Our technicians repair and start-up all regulators: High pressure natural gas stations regulators, pad/de-pad tank blanketing, water pressure reducing and back-pressure, fuel trains and steam.
Mobile - Onsite Services
Mobile - Onsite Services
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