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We offer a variety of rental equipment for use in measurement validation, troubleshooting and diagnostic, and temporary measurement.

Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meter

  • Validate or troubleshoot flow with a clamp on ultrasonic flow meter.
  • ​Sensors are installed non-intrusively, outside of existing piping.  
TREX Handheld Field Communicator  

TREX Handheld Field Communicator  

  • Commission and validate devices more efficiently.
  • ​Automatic synchronization of field changes with AMS Device Manager. Promptly fix issues in the field with advanced device diagnostics.  
  • ​Configure and test valves inline.  
  • Improve efficiency with a modern, intuitive user interface. 
  • ​Intrinsically safe; usable anywhere you need to go. 
Portable Wellhead Skid

Portable Wellhead Skid

  • Industry-leading entrained gas handling technology. 
  • MicroMotionTM Coriolis meter for measuring oil and water production, Cone meter for measuring gas production, if required. 
  • Real-time production insight available in multiple remote connection options. 
  • Meets all Western Canadian regulatory body specifications for testing requirements.

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