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Alarm Optimization & Management Alarm Optimization & Management
Unscheduled shutdowns cost between 2-5% of production annually.

Unscheduled shutdowns cost between 2-5% of production annually.

Eliminate environment and personnel risk by keeping alarms from escalating into an incident.

Alarm management improvement programs minimize the number and impact of abnormal situations.

Our program is designed to increase your plant's reliability through auditing, designing, implementing, and sustaining an effective alarm management system.
Increase your plant's reliability
Improve performance, safety, and profitability

Proven Results

A large, integrated pulp and paper mill was experiencing excessive process alarms that were causing unscheduled downtime. Spartan collaborated with mill personnel to design and implement an alarm management strategy. The result was a 50% reduction in nuisance alarms and an overall improvement in operator effectiveness – reducing unscheduled downtime.
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