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Diagnostic & Outage Management Diagnostic & Outage Management
Unplanned plant outages characteristically pose significant risk to your facility and production.

Unplanned plant outages characteristically pose significant risk to your facility and production.

Outages are planned at regular intervals to perform in-depth maintenance to help sustain long term reliability gains and to help avoid unplanned shutdowns. However, outages are typically based on a fixed schedule window and budget, therefore, unexpected findings can cause major delays and impact production.

We use specific outage management best practices to ensure consistency in our outage repair deliverables.

With almost 2 decades of experience, offers world-class valve repair and field service capabilities. Our strategic value-add expertise focuses on long-term results, positively impacting plant reliability, maintenance budgets, and safety. We’ve assisted our customers in achieving verified cost reductions and reliability improvements totaling over $300 million. Let us collaborate with you to create a roadmap for long-term success, leveraging your talent and technology alongside our subject matter expertise.
Maintain your schedule and budget for your planned outages
Predictive Maintenance & Diagnostics
Ensure repairs are completed on time and safely
Plant Asset Review

Proven Results

A recent outage managed by an embedded Spartan instrument asset specialist at a large Heartland upgrader facility resulted in a documented savings of $740,000 for our Customer. No expediting was necessary and the control valves were deemed to not be critical path. The Customer said, “That went great, we want to do the same exact thing for our next turnaround.”
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Control Valve Diagnostics

Control Valve Diagnostics

Spartan Controls, has developed a robust site-wide control performance monitoring solution. This solution allows process control professionals to assess the health of all control loops across a site or enterprise in real time.

Valvelink ® data generated from pressure sensors, temperature sensors, travel sensors, and internal readings, creates graphical representations of control valve performance and health. These insights help identify critical loops that require immediate attention.  Additionally, in-service diagnostics enable the detection of issues related to instrument air quality, leakage, supply pressure restriction, and control valve anomalies like excessive friction or calibration deviations.

Spartan Controls’ expertise lies in turning diagnostic data into actionable recommendations, ensuring optimal performance and maintenance of control valve assemblies.