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Vent Capture Vent Capture
MSAPR Compliance

As a result of normal operating conditions at oil and gas facilities, gases such as CO2 and methane gas are vented to the atmosphere daily.

Many of these gases are extremely harmful, such as methane, which is considered to have 25 times the impact of CO2 as a greenhouse gas. Not only does this become costly for the end users, it is particularly costly to our environment.

Spartan's SlipStream® system is a revolutionary, patented technology designed to capture vented hydrocarbons and use them as a supplementary fuel source, reducing engine fuel consumption by up to 50%. An added advantage of SlipStream® is that with its variations, such as SlipStream® GTS, it is applicable to many different applications and systems. 

Not only this, but by combining this technology with the REMVue® engine shutdown and AFR controls system, end users experience fast return on investments (ROI) through reduced fuel and operating costs, optimized engine performance, emission monitoring and reporting, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. 

In addition to offerings like SlipStream®, Spartan offers high efficiency enclosed vapor combustors that are 99.9% effective in eliminating VOC’s and BTEX that result from casing gas venting, storage tanks, dehy’s, and many other low pressor vapor emitting equipment.