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Water Innovation
Water is an essential need. Its use is facing more and more pressure with increased demand. Jurisdictions are challenged to ensure access to water related to the quality and quantity necessary to carry out activities in a sustainable manner.

Water quality, efficiency, use and availability are pertinent when it comes to the challenges facing this finite resource. Improved water management and sustainable use of non-potable water resources are needed to meet these challenges.
Bulk Water Stations
Bulk Water Stations

SpartanPRO Oil Sands Mining Solutions

For more than 10 years, Spartan Controls’ Process Solutions group has been helping oil sands customers improve their processes through the application of advanced process control (APC).
By stabilizing and continuously optimizing the most challenging and complex processes in the industry, APC achieves proven operational benefits that include:
• Increased Production
• Increased Bitumen Recovery
• Reduced Product to Tailings
• Improved Consistency of Operation
​• Increased Energy Efficiency
• Reduced Cost of Operation
• Reduced Risk of Trips & Failures
• Reduced Upsets to Downstream Processes

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