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Industrial Video

Industrial Video

Spartan's Fire & Safety Solutions specializes in the protection of people and plant assets. Using Industrial video systems, operators and others can make decisions about process problems or emergency situations quickly. 
Applications can be as simple as verifying who is coming and going through the front gate, keeping an eye on progress during a turnaround, or more complex applications, such as using a thermal camera to provide level or continuous temperature measurement in electrical equipment, Spartan Fire & Safety Solutions can provide a solution.

Turnkey Solutions

Spartan provides cameras and video equipment from leading manufactures such as Pelco, FLIR, Bosch, Axis and Milestone. Our talented team of engineers and other technical specialists can help design, select, package, configure, document, test, install and maintain your system.  
As a Cisco partner, Spartan can also provide network design and delivery capability, including wireless, fiber optic and wired solutions.  Spartan’s network solutions team has provided industrial networking and cyber security capabilities for more than 20 years.
Video, networking cabinets and field junction boxes are manufactured at Spartan's Calgary Solution Centre, our custom panel shop. Here we also provide Customer's facilities for staging and testing your video system.