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Education Services
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Education Services

Spartan Controls Education Services has been training students for over 20 years. Our Education Centre operates as an Emerson certified training facility and continues to offer the highest quality in industry expertise on technology training and complex control topics.
As the leader in education, Spartan provides hands on opportunities for our Customers to put learning into practice. Offering a variety of courses, our certified instructors, product specialists, and coordinators can meet the needs of all our Customers.
Course Offerings
To help our Customers remain up-to-date on the latest technologies, Spartan delivers factory authorized training through its Edmonton Automation Centre to an average of 1,000 students a year. Spartan can also provide on-site training through our Certified Training Centres located across Western Canada.

Spartan can deliver Customer-specific courses for a variety of industries. This is a great alternative to attending scheduled training if:

  • Several employees need to be trained at once (minimum of 5)
  • At times, we can tailor the training to specific topics or custom material; contact our Team Lead to discuss requirements 
  • Location and dates can be negotiated based on customer needs
Contact us today to discuss your training requirements!
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Upgrade your skills and expertise while enjoying the added benefit of networking with industry colleagues and experts in the field. Each year we provide our Customers with the opportunity to attend single-day SpartanU training across our locations.
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Government of Canada Job Grants

Government of Canada Job Grants

Take advantage of the Canadian job grants available in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan to cover the training costs for your employees.