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Operator Workload Assessment
The Challenge

The Challenge

Workload assessments are often performed through simple management best judgement and time and motion studies to simple loop counts. Each of these has inherent weaknesses that result in flawed workload determination. 

An additional, often overlooked, factor that impacts workload is operator fatigue. The capacity of an operator to perform their duties whilst fatigued is diminished and effectively increases actual workload.
The Solution

The Solution

Spartan and Emerson provide a robust and accurate assessment of workload through the use of a workload model that accounts for the complexity of the process under control, the performance of the control system and process interactions.

Once developed, the model can be used to predict workload for other staffing alignments or for changes to the process, it can be used for brownfield projects and greenfield projects using design information such as P&IDs and process and control narratives, and can be be adjusted to consider workload under abnormal and emergency conditions.
Optimized Deployment of Operators with a Balanced Workload
Reduced Operator Fatigue and Improved Situational Awareness
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