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Chilled Water Systems Chilled Water Systems
Maximize efficiency while reducing operations and maintenance costs.

Maximize efficiency while reducing operations and maintenance costs.

The chilled water system is often referred to as the “heart” of an HVAC system, therefore it is important to select the most reliable valves, instrumentation and machinery health condition monitoring systems to ensure optimal performance and energy efficency. In addition to being the main cooling source, it is one the largest consumers of energy, and can have a significant impact on operational costs.

Our engineered precision performance valves and instrumentation help improve the performance and reliability of chilled water systems.

It is vitally important to accurately control critical equipment such as chillers, cooling towers and pumps to achieve maximum energy efficiency. The controllability of the chilled water system is only as good as the performance capabilities of the measurement instrumentation and valves you choose. You can rely on the HVAC applications engineering expertise of Spartan Controls to assist with the proper sizing and selection of valves and instruments to ensure safe, reliable and energy efficient performance.

We offer the full portfolio of Emerson control and isolation valves, valve actuators and measurement instrumentation including:

  • Fisher™ Vee-Ball™ modulating control valves for flow and temperature control applications
  • Keystone™ K-LOK high performance butterfly valves for all automated and manually operated isolation valve applications, locally stocked and automated at Spartan Controls.
  • Rosemount™ precision instrumentation for pressure, temperature, level and flow measurement applications
Modulating valves with high turndown ratios optimize chilled water flow and temperature control performance.

The min/max flow rates through the chilled water system can vary widely as outdoor temperatures swing from season to season. The high turndown ratio and precision control capability of Emerson's Fisher Vee-Ball rotary modulating valves are ideally suited to handle these wide swings in operating conditions to ensure optimal energy efficiency and performance. Typical chilled water system applications include:

  • Pump minimum flow bypass control
  • Plate and frame heat exchanger temperature control
Condenser water isolation valves reduce maintenance.

Scale, corrosion, airborne debris, and suspended solids is the cause of many valve failures in condenser water in both open and closed cooling towers. Most high performance butterfly valves have pressure assisted seat designs that allows debris to build up behind the seat preventing the disc from fully closing. This causes seat leakage and premature valve failures. Emerson's Keystone K-LOK high performance butterfly valve with its true interference fit seat design, does not rely on line pressure to seal tightly. Plus unlike most other designs, there are no voids behind the K-LOK seat where debris can collect, making it ideally suited for dirty services.

Precision cooling tower level measurement prevent overfills.

The use of Rosemount 3300 precision guided wave level transmitters in cooling tower applications provides superior level measurement to prevent overfill scenarios. It has no moving parts, needs no calibration, and is virtually unaffected by process conditions. With top down level and interface measurements you are in total control of your level applications.

Online real time 24/7 performance monitoring of critical assets like chiller compressors and pumps ensures optimal energy efficiency and reliable performance.

Being one the largest consumers of energy in a building, the chilled water system can have a significant impact on operational costs and carbon emissions. In addition to energy usage, critical chiller machinery failures can adversely impact maintenance costs and downtime.

Ongoing routine maintenance represents the minimum starting point. Implementing predictive maintenance and energy optimization strategies requires real-time operational data. Innovative IIIoT technologies and software lhave opened the door to new ways of improving and sustaining energy and performance efficiencies of critical machinery through its online 24/7 condition and performance monitoring capabilities.

SpartanPRO™ EMIS is a software platform that consolidates and analyzes energy data in real time in a user-friendly format for stakeholders ranging from operating crews to corporate executives. By capturing and contextualizing energy consumption data, SpartanPRO™ EMIS will provide insight into current energy performance, highlight abnormal events, and help track down high energy users in order to ensure that site is consistently operating at peak energy efficiency with minimal emissions.

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Highly accurate control valves and instrumentation enables optimal performance and improved energy efficiency
Locally stocked Keystone isolation valves engineered and built for performance to reduce operations and maintenance costs
Reduce operations and maintenance costs with 24/7 online condition monitoring of critical machinery assets
24/7 valve, actuation and instrumentation services by factory trained Lifecycle Services engineers and technicians
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