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Corrosion and Erosion Monitoring Corrosion and Erosion Monitoring

Non-Intrusively Monitoring of Corrosion and Erosion of Pipes

IIoT and wireless technologies can provide a cost-effective solution for monitoring the thickness of pipes and obtaining a corrosion rate assessment. This is crucial for ensuring safety management within a facility, as pipes are vital assets. Unfortunately, pipes are often not monitored continuously, making it difficult to detect potential loss of containment, which could result in environmental damage, fires, and explosions.

Digitally Transform Corrosion Monitoring in Refining Applications

3 Benefits of Online Corrosion/Erosion Monitoring

1. Early Detection: 
Online monitoring of pipe corrosion and erosion provides early detection of potential problems before they become severe. By continuously monitoring the pipe's condition, any changes in the thickness or rate of corrosion can be detected early on, enabling preventive maintenance and repairs to be carried out before the situation becomes critical. This early detection can help prevent costly repairs, environmental damage, and unplanned downtime.

2. Improved Safety:
Online pipe monitoring systems improve safety by providing real-time data on the condition of pipes. This information can be used to identify potential safety hazards, such as leaks or weaknesses in the pipe, allowing facility managers to take appropriate action to mitigate the risks. This can help prevent accidents, injuries, and environmental damage.
3. Cost Savings:
Online monitoring of pipe corrosion and erosion can save money by reducing the need for manual inspections and repairs. By using automated systems to monitor pipe condition, the need for manual inspections is significantly reduced, saving time and labor costs. Additionally, preventive maintenance can be carried out at optimal intervals, reducing the need for costly emergency repairs and unplanned downtime.

Simplify Industrial Pipe / Vessel Monitoring and Event Detection

Analytics transform data into actionable information for intelligent decision making.

How It Works

How It Works

Data is collected using WirelessHart technology, and sent to the control room for notification, recording and reporting. The Plantweb Insight Steam Trap Monitoring application provides a dashboard view, asset summary and details, and event logs of your relief events.
Key Features

Key Features

Introducing Wireless Corrosion Monitoring:
- Intuitive dashboard displays in-depth monitoring information
- Key performance indicators provide insight into corrosion status
- Automatic device data interpretation enables better decision making
- Easy integration with existing systems and wireless infrastructure
- Continuous monitoring improves reliability, safety, and environmental impact
- Identify corrosion-affected sensors through metal loss heat maps
- Patented Adaptive Cross Correlation (AXC) processing ensures accurate thickness measurement and sensor insights
- Remote connectivity for access via desktop or mobile devices
- Flexible software installation accessible from most web browsers
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