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Spartan Controls is the recognized leading provider of industrial automation, valves, measurement and process control solutions and services for process industries in Western Canada. For over 55 years, Spartan has provided Customers with high performance automation solutions, industry expertise, lifecycle support, and technical training – delivering value our Customers want. Our automation solutions are used in all process industries including oil and gas, oil sands, mining, pulp and paper, power, pipeline, and municipal. With our employees (referred to as Spartans!) living and working in 14 communities across Western Canada, we are dedicated to providing exceptional Customer experiences where expertise and collaboration come together.


We are a Canadian, employee-owned company with project experience spanning multiple industries. Our single point of contact reduces cost, improves the Customer experience and allows us to quickly apply solutions and services to meet our Customer’s automation challenges head-on.

We invest to earn your business; we invest more to keep it.

Emerson Impact Partner & Other Leading Solution Providers

Our unique partnership with Emerson and other leading solution providers enables us to connect our Customers with world-class technology, superior technical expertise and full lifecycle services — thereby delivering value our Customers want.

As an Emerson Impact Partner, we are a local, single point of contact for sales, service and applied engineering for Emerson’s automation solutions business. The result of our long-standing, strategic partnership is unique expertise to consistently apply the full breadth of Emerson technologies. As a member of the Emerson Impact Partner Network, we combine these local capabilities with Emerson’s global reach and scale enabling Customers to achieve Top Quartile performance by providing control, reliability, safety and optimization solutions.

Emerson Impact Partner

"Serve the customer first - as the local impact partner of Emerson and other leading companies."

"Recognized as the benchmark for exceptional customer value, service, and loyalty."

  • Serve customers with the highest degree of responsiveness, knowledge and commitment in our industry. 
  • Earn preference with all stakeholders by being easy to do business with and always acting with integrity, ethics, respect, trust, collaboration, responsibility, quality, professionalism, and fair exchange of value. 
  • Empower exceptional people with a culture of ownership, customer experience excellence, entrepreneurship and innovation, high performance and accountability, teamwork and mutual respect, energy and fun, and a do-what-it-takes work ethic. 
  • Differentiated leadership by all Spartans that demonstrates humility, resolve, engagement, listening, communication, coaching, mentoring, straight talk, fairness and consistency, and a passion to win. 
  • Constantly raise the bar in all that we do for customers, fellow Spartans and our business. 
  • Support a safe, healthy, and sustainable environment for the individual, company and communities we work and live in. 

"Spartan Controls is committed to environmental leadership within our community, our business operations and the industries we serve through education and the application of best practices and technology."

- Doug Ndegwa - VP, Valves & Actuation/Environmental Team Executive Sponsor

The Spartan Controls Environmental Team is focused on three key areas – our customers, our business operations and our fellow Spartans.

Spartan is continually researching applications in which our products can provide a measurable and substantial environmental benefit to our customers. These findings are communicated to our customers via environmentally focused application notes and information sessions. Spartan also tracks the quantifiable environmental value that we deliver to our customers via a proprietary in‐house database. This database allows us to summarize the environmental value that our products are delivering, and to report that value back to our customers.

Spartan is also committed to adaptively managing our day‐to‐day business operations in an environmentally responsible fashion, and is committed to improving that performance over time. In 2009, Spartan began tracking various metrics related to consumable items such as water usage, electricity usage, paper usage and other larger scale metrics including waste generation and CO2 emissions from our company vehicles. These metrics have been used to set reduction targets to challenge ourselves to improve our environmental performance. In addition, Spartan has ensured that our facilities operate in accordance with the BOMA BESt environmental certification program.

Finally, Spartan actively encourages our fellow employees, or “Spartans”, to participate in environmentally responsible activities at home and in our communities. This is accomplished by engaging our fellow Spartans in environmentally focused dialogues and by providing venues for green education in the workplace. By keeping the environment at the forefront of our Spartans’ minds, both in our homes and in the workplace, we can ensure that we as individuals are doing our part to be environmentally responsible.

Global Differentiation and Risk Management

Today’s cost, resource and risk pressures are increasingly involving the global stakeholder community. Spartan’s unique business partnership with Emerson and other global technology leaders we represent, ensure our customers’ lowest risk choice locally, is the lowest risk choice globally.

We can leverage our partnerships and collective strengths to execute projects on the local or global stage for infrastructure destined for Western Canada. With the same expertise, security of supply, innovative technology and intimate local knowledge, Spartan delivers the lowest risk choice for our customers. 

Local and Global Capabilities

Before Spartan

While fighting a disastrous fire in Marshalltown, a young water works engineer was forced to hand-throttle the city's steam-driven pumps throughout the night. 

That engineer was William Fisher and the year was 1876. Exhausted from that experience, he decided there must be a better way to maintain water pressure as downstream conditions changed. And there was a better way - thanks to this young engineer's inventive mind - it was called the type 1 Pump Governor. Records indicate that manufacture of this new device began in 1880.

Eight years later, the company was reorganized and incorporated as the Fisher Governor Company. The company also sold rambler bicycles. This historical note brings true meanings to the term "valve peddlers". Including bicycles, company sales reached $44,000 by 1905 as word spread about the Fisher Pump Governor. From 1905 through 1962, the Fisher sales representative network was established and began to expand.

Spartan's Beginning

Spartan Controls was subsequently formed by Bill Flegal - formerly a Fisher employee and salesman for a Fisher Representative. Spartan had offices in Edmonton, Calgary and Regina. 

The name "Spartan" was selected as a reflection of the Spartans of ancient Greece, who were noted for their efficiency, competitiveness and organization abilities. They were lean, keen winners. 

Today, we are organized across three provinces where local teams work to understand customer challenges and deliver value the customer wants.

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