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Production Efficiency
All forms of production efficiency are not the same. From pulp and paper to mining, food and beverage to upstream oil and gas, and municipal to refining industries, there are similar approaches and very different production challenges faced by each industry segment. The performance of physical assets and process control are often linked to measurement, monitoring and control elements. Operating costs and throughput are impacted by people, process and technology. Each have contributions towards reliability, safety incidents, alarms and environmental compliance.
While reducing operating costs and increasing throughput capacity are key measures of company performance, increasing energy efficiency is part of top quartile performance and an outcome of such actions. By extension, improved environmental performance is also achieved, which aligns with Environmental, Social Governance (ESG) goals and accountability.

Spartan Controls is a key stakeholder in identifying, collaborating and implementing industrial production efficiency actions – many of which provide compliance with return on investment. In this way, industry continues improving the reliability and performance of their operations while meeting ever tightening regulatory compliance requirements in a more cost effective, economically sustainable manner.