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Integrated Operations Integrated Operations
The Challenge

The Challenge

The Centre for IO in the petroleum industry defines IO as the integration of people, organizations, work processes, and information technology to make smarter, faster business decisions for process companies. IO is enabled by global access to real-time information, collaborative technology, and the integration of expertise across disciplines, organizations, and geographic locations.
The Solution

The Solution

IO programs consist of people, process and organizational change management programs enabled by modern technology and infrastructure. Spartan is here to support your IO program, with in-house technology and consulting services, through a network of top providers. Typically, no single supplier provides every element necessary in an IO program.

Spartan's differentiated capabilities will support your program:
  • Remote control architecture development and deployment
  • Control room design and layout
  • Industrial networking and cyber-security
  • OT data connectivity, consolidation, contextualization and cloud ingestion
  • Application development for remote surveillance and monitoring
  • Operational data science
DeltaV Remote Operations

DeltaV Remote Operations

Remote Operations is a corner stone in moving to an Integrated Operations operating strategy. To do so, delivering high performance control room capabilities to remote control centers which enable real time operations is a requirement. The key to providing this capability lies in the Network Infrastructure and Cyber Security architecture that links the production facilities to the central control room.
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Greater Operational Consistency
Increased Throughput Capacity
Reduced Risk of Trips and Failures
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