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Control System Modernization & Migration Control System Modernization & Migration
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Local Experise / Local Service

Partnering with Spartan as you modernize your plant means we'll help deliver maximum value at the lowest possible risk. Our expertise, proven technologies, and processes make each step easy for flawless, on-time, within-budget execution with little impact on production—driving returns today while delivering a successful plant of the future. We can help you assess the state of your automation, quantify operational benefits, and help you justify, plan, and execute your project.
With over 150 facilities in Western Canada migrated to DeltaV over a previous platform; we have the local experience to modernize your legacy control system or PLC.
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Migration Solutions for Other Platforms
To enable a fast, error free cutover without lifting existing field wiring, an innovative solution has been developed to fit in the same footprint as a standard 1771 I/O chassis.
Modernize to DeltaV Control with minimal rewiring and no additional space.

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Industry-leading migration solutions are available and can be implemented immediately, with no downtime. Emerson’s solutions for INFI 90 or Bailey NETWORK 90 systems provide flexibility regarding which legacy components to keep, which to replace and when to replace them.

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Emerson redefined traditional systems modernization for TDC2000 and TDC3000 systems by offering phased transitions with the CONNECT suite of solutions for the DeltaV system, and services tailored to help you justify the investment in a smart digital plant.

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Our team of experienced engineers and project managers have successfully migrated Siemens systems, including PCS5, PCS7, TI 505, Moore APACS, and QUADLOG, to DeltaV. Emerson uses advanced tools in its forward engineering approach to identify key information from existing applications and make the most of the new standards and features of DeltaV, minimizing risk and maximizing efficiency while delivering expected returns in the modernization project.

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Modernization & Migration Solutions

DeltaV Console.CONNECT bridges your control system technology and provides a single interface for operators as they migrate to DeltaV DCS & SIS.
IO.CONNECT provides an open architecture pathway that helps plants easily upgrade to DeltaV™, a more modern distributed control system. 

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With Emerson’s DeltaV™ Flex.CONNECT solutions, you can connect Emerson and non-Emerson legacy system I/O subsystems to the DeltaV system with ease.
Electronic Marshalling
DeltaV Electronic Marshalling with CHARMs lets you land field cabling wherever you want, regardless of signal type or control strategy.

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DeltaV™ REVAMP is a groundbreaking, cloud-based, advanced software solution that manages the transition of legacy applications to optimal control. Now, plants can eliminate workflows, minimize risk and errors, and reduce capital costs.

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Featured Solution
PLC Replacement

Featured Solution

PLC applications can move to the DeltaV™ system through integration to their CPU or I/O subsystems. Emerson’s Modernization & Migration Solutions for PLC's will help identify the most appropriate modernization and migration plan for your site.
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Migration Configuration Tools for Modernization Projects

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