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Spartan Controls has been providing products and solutions for the chemical industry for over half a century

Spartan Controls has been providing automation solutions, products and services for the Canadian chemical industry since 1963. Having the most comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions for the chemical industry, Spartan Controls is able to ensure our customers obtain maximum reliability while improving production and reducing operating costs of their facilities.
Our team of industry experts, project engineers, service specialists can assist with servicing of independent products, managing your complex projects and turnarounds, to assisting with your digital transformation journey.

Chemical production has many unique challenges.

These can include reliability of your assets, producing the right amount of product at the right quality, and ensuring your process runs as maintenance free and often as possible.
Shutdown Turnaround Planning & Support

Shutdown Turnaround Planning & Support

With large time frames between planned outages it is crucial that critical assets are inspected and repaired during outage to ensure that facility has the ability to run for years without any unplanned outages. Knowing which assets require maintenance and extent of maintenance minimizes costs and reduces downtime getting your facility up and running quicker. Our team of subject matter experts and class leading digital technologies have helped our customers achieve over $300 Million in verified cost reductions and reliability improvements.

We understand chemical industries Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) commitment through responsible care.

Responsible care is a key element to the chemical industry and its partners. Spartan Controls strives to achieve exceptional environmental awareness and responsibility, utilizing innovative new technology we are able to reduce emissions and ensure personnel safety. We continue to assist our customers reduce emissions through process optimization, efficiency improvements, burner optimization.
Ensure reliability of assets
Reduce maintenance and downtime
Achieve high quality production
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