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Rosemount 8732E Field Mount Magnetic Flow Meter Transmitter
A dual-compartment transmitter housing provides isolation from the external environment.
Advanced diagnostics and through-the-glass Local Operator Interface offer unparalleled process insight.
Rosemount 8732E Field Mount Magnetic Flow Meter Transmitter


Sensor compatibility
Compatible with Rosemount 8705, 8711, and 8721sensors. Compatible with AC and DC powered sensors ofother manufacturers.
Transmitter coil drive current
Flow rate range
Capable of processing signals from fluids that are travelingbetween 0.04 and 39 ft/s (0.01 to 12 m/s) for both forwardand reverse flow in all sensor sizes. Full scale continuouslyadjustable between –39 and 39 ft/s (–12 to 12 m/s).
Conductivity limits
Process liquid must have a conductivity of5 microSiemens/cm (5 micromhos/cm) or greater.
Power supply
90 - 250VAC, 50/60Hz or 12 - 42VDC
Line power fuses
90-250VAC systems
1A, 250V, I2t, 1.5 A2s Rating, Fast ActingBussman AGC-1, Littlefuse 31201.5HXP
12-42VDC systems
3 Amp, 250V, I2t, 14 A2s Rating, Fast ActingBel Fuse 3AG 3-R, Littelfuse 312003P, Schurter 0034.5135
Line power fuses
15W maximum - DC
40VA maximum - AC
Switch-on current
AC: Maximum 35.7A (< 5ms) at 250VAC
DC: Maximum 42A (< 5ms) at 42VDC


  • Continually monitor meter health and performance without stopping the process with Smart Meter Verification
  • Prevent moisture ingress with dual-compartment transmitter housing
  • Improve process management with advanced Digital Signal Processing
  • Optimize control in noisy applications with High Process Noise diagnostic and Selectable Coil Drive Frequency options
  • Tunable Empty Pipe diagnostic minimizes issues and false readings when the pipe is empty
  • Quickly verify installation integrity with Ground and Wiring Fault Detection diagnostic
  • Simplify adjustments in hazardous environments without removing the cover using optical switches for configuration
  • Universal transmitter capabilities enable reduced inventory and consistent interface for any magnetic flow meter sensor