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Reliability/Machinery Health Reliability/Machinery Health
Conveyors are valuable assets that operate in tough environments.

Conveyors are valuable assets that operate in tough environments.

They operate at low speeds, contain rolling element bearings and gearboxes, and have the potential for failure that cannot be predicted by traditional vibration. As an arterial system in your process, your bulk conveyors are the lifeblood of mine productivity and any disruption in their service has the potential to bring your process rolling to a stop.

Mines with long, overland conveyors are especially susceptible to long periods of unplanned downtime when conveyor components fail. Determining failure mode can be time consuming and obtaining replacement parts can take days for miners in remote locations. Along with regular cleaning and inspections, your staff may perform periodic data collection on conveyor pulleys and gears. However, this practice of capturing data that may not expose emerging machinery faults frequently places staff in harm’s way. 

Know when to take corrective action.

We can provide vibration and stress wave analysis utilizing Emerson PeakVue™ technology on conveyors in which standard vibration is of little value due to high background noise and slow speed. Additionally, embedded temperature sensors allow users to track material build-up on bearing houses. Using the Emerson AMS 6500 Machinery Health Monitor, your staff can continuously monitor critical drives, gearboxes, and pulleys from the safety of a centralized operations centre. The AMS 6500 exposes elevating machinery stress with a patented signal processing approach and surfaces real problems to your staff for corrective action.

Use safe and cost-effective data collection
Monitor critical assets from a centralized location
Gain regular readings on equipment condition
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