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Infrared Thermography Infrared Thermography
An infrared thermography program is a key component to understanding the complete health of plant assets and is used to detect abnormal machine behavior through baseline and trending of visual heat characteristics. Electrical and rotating equipment health changes can be detected early to reduce sudden catastrophic failures. Organizing and analyzing these images alongside that diagnostic database can allow you to better utilize production assets and predict developing machinery health problems.
The Infrared Analysis module in AMS: Machinery Manager allows you to analyze and report on IR images in the same environment as your vibration analysis program. Tools for both analysis and reporting are available on a single screen, allowing you to go directly from an IR image to detailed analysis to a health report quickly and easily. AMS Suite supports radiometric images from the popular Fluke and FLIR infrared cameras, as well as images from additional camera vendors. Use the camera of your choice, while taking advantage of integrating their IR data with your existing database.
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