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Oil Sands – Pathways to Net Zero Oil Sands – Pathways to Net Zero
The Oil Sands are on a path to net-zero emissions. This ambitious goal will require an all-hands-on-deck approach to decarbonize the complex operations at the heart of our Oil Sands industry.

As a leading industrial Clean Tech company, Spartan Controls has been helping reduce GHG emissions in industry using innovative technology for over a decade resulting in a cumulative reduction of over 20 MT by end of 2022.
Carbon Capture & Sequestration (CCS)

Carbon Capture & Sequestration (CCS)

As a major component of the Oil Sands industry plan for achieving net zero, Carbon Capture & Sequestration (CCS) offers a proven method for large scale reductions in emissions. Deploying CCS, especially at scale, does have its challenges. As Spartan Controls, we have proven solutions to many of the CCS challenges and we continue to innovate and seek new ways to apply process control and automation technologies in this emerging industry. Check out our suite of CCS solutions using the link below.

Carbon Capture, and sequestration (CCS)

Pathways Available NOW

Our portfolio of technology, solutions and expertise are proven and deployment-ready to help the Oil Sands industry start achieving progress TODAY on their journey to net zero emissions. We have already implemented an annual reduction of over 400 kT/yr but there is significant opportunity to do much more.
  • Baseline Monitoring

  • Combustion Management & Optimization

  • Process Improvements & Optimization

Baseline Monitoring

Having a thorough understanding of the starting point for implementing emissions reduction programs is essential. Solutions below can help establish an objective baseline, continuously monitor the key performance variables as well as track and report the improvements to show progress on the emission reductions.

Combustion Management & Optimization

A significant portion of the GHG emissions from Oil sands operations come from combustion equipment such as boilers, Once-Through Steam Generators (OTSGs) and cogeneration. Optimizing the operation of these fired appliances can lead to meaningful and sustained reduction in emissions as well as fuel costs while improving operational flexibility. As one of the largest teams of combustion experts in Canada, Spartan Controls has proven solutions to achieve these results in Oil Sands operations.
Process Improvements & Optimization

Process Improvements & Optimization

Leveraging technology tools such as Advanced Process Control (APC) and data analytics help push Oil sands production facilities to their most profitable operating limits while reducing the emissions footprint. At Spartan Controls, our APC experts have developed proven implementation strategies for in-situ and mine operations as well as a program approach to help sustain the benefits long term. Our APC solutions can be applied to a various process units, such as Refiners, Dryers, Steam Headers, and Tailings Solvent Recover Units.
Natural Gas Decarbonization with Hydrogen

Natural Gas Decarbonization with Hydrogen

With recent advancements in technology, Hydrogen is becoming a viable fuel source for combustion processes and heavy-haul transportation. In natural gas combustion equipment, blending Hydrogen into the fuel stream can reduce the emissions from combustion with little modification of the appliance. Spartan Controls has helped implement such strategies already by developing unique solutions for production, handling and blending of Hydrogen.
Hydrogen Blending
Fugitive Emissions Management

Fugitive Emissions Management

From venting reduction and elimination to capture and process optimization, there are many ways to address fugitive and vented GHG emissions. Spartan Controls is a key stakeholder in delivering those solutions to industry – many of which provide compliance with return on investment. In this way, industry can continue improving the reliability and performance of operations while meeting these ever-tightening compliance requirements in a more cost effective, economically sustainable manner.

GHG Reduction
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