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CarbonVue™ CarbonVue™
As the carbon market continues to mature, organizations require a comprehensive and effective approach to managing a complex web of regulatory, ESG, production standards, credit, and offset generation protocols, and reporting requirements.
Solution: The CarbonVue™ ecosystem provides a "Secure First Mile" methodology, tool kit, and services to establish a cybersecure structured, contextualized, and consistent real-time data hierarchy that seamlessly synchronizes both time-series and event-based data from diverse sources and external APIs.
Value: This creates a robust data foundation that serves as the single source for emissions reporting and carbon accounting. This foundation also provides a Carbon Intensity Monitoring System (CIMS), enabling asset-level monitoring and benchmarking of carbon intensity in real-time.

An Ecosystem to Support Your Sustainability and Net-Zero Journey

CarbonVue™ MMV/MRV
(Measure, Monitor (Report), and Verify)

CarbonVue™ MMV/MRV

The CarbonVue™ ecosystem can provide all the measurement requirements for emissions reporting through secure and auditable data structures, while also providing real time monitoring, insights and a verification engine that de-risks the verification and the auditing process.
CarbonVue™ Secure First Mile

CarbonVue™ Secure First Mile

The operational ‘First Mile’ of data is the journey from the data producers (sensors, instruments, analyzers, etc.) in the operation to a consolidated and contextualized data structure that can serve reporting, auditing, and an itemized and detailed accounting of all the emissions in each industrial operation. The journey becomes ‘Secure’ by addressing cybersecurity, data integrity, and auditability.
CarbonVue™ Emissions Historian

CarbonVue™ Emissions Historian

At the core of the CarbonVue™ ecosystem is a unified data structure that encompasses data from a variety of sources. This data is consolidated, structured, and curated for carbon reporting and verification. This data structure includes various elements such as alarms and events, hourly and daily flow totals, compositional analysis, metadata (such as meter factors), and calibration records.
CarbonVue™ Carbon Intensity Verification Engine

CarbonVue™ Carbon Intensity Verification Engine

Within the MMV/MRV frameworks, third-party verification is essential. This requirement places the burden of proof on owner/operators, which can be challenging without access to the necessary data and physical infrastructure. It may also introduce offset and performance credit risks and create unnecessary stress for the parties involved.
CarbonVue™ Ecosystem Manages Regulatory, ESG & Carbon Trading Reporting and Verification.
Real-Time Monitoring:
  • Visualize asset-level monitoring and benchmarking in real-time with easy-to-use dashboards.
Verification Engine:
  • User interface and tool kit for verification against various standards and jurisdictions.
Data Integrity & Assurance:
  • Cyber secure, auditable, and quality assurance data foundation to support fiscal auditing.
Open Data Architecture:
  • Consolidate and provide contextualized data to support various applications, reporting tools and third party and stakeholder data requirements.

Other Elements to consider in your CarbonVue™ Ecosystem:

Spartan Controls can recommend, design, and supply solutions that can satisfy industrial process measurement requirements.

These solutions include, but are not limited to,
  • vented and flared stack emissions,
  • tank and process equipment,
  • fired and rotating equipment including compressor venting and process off gases.
Additionally, solutions are available for any transportation and transfer of custody requirements, including truck, rail, pipeline, midstream allocation, and sequestration. These solutions can encompass the measurement devices, analyzers, flow computers, data acquisition, data connectivity, and packaging.
Spartan Controls, in collaboration with its partners, provides solutions that integrate into an open data architecture and ecosystem to meet the data and workflow requirements necessary for emissions management.
As industry continues to develop and expand sustainability strategies in carbon management, the regulatory reporting and management of carbon-based emissions requires a long-term data strategy. In support of the monitoring elements of the MMV/MRV framework, CarbonVue™ EMIS provides dynamic tools that can be used to analyze future emissions reductions and potential offset or emission performance credit creation. This application offers real-time, asset level analysis of energy consumption and/or carbon intensity at each facility, providing valuable insights into operations and dynamic assessments of energy usage and emissions.

Figure 1: EMIS Dashboard - Sample Enterprise Overview
Supercritical carbon dioxide, commonly referred to as dense-phase CO2, is measured and analyzed using the most accurate and reliable measurement technologies available. The system ensures accuracy, reliability, and auditability to support your carbon capture processes.
Spartan Controls provides a preventative maintenance and monitoring service, which includes our patented Measurement System Anomaly detection machine learning AI (Artificial Intelligence) models.


This application delivers insights to instrument health and provides alerts on pre-set thresholds for severe corrosivity, probe life span, low battery level, and more. An intuitive heatmap is displayed with intelligence on corrosivity of fluid levels based on the NACE standard.
Thickness Monitoring Data for Root Cause Analysis of Corrosion
Events and Turnaround Scope and Timing Improvement


Leading Data Visualisation and Analytics Software:
Easy to See Where and When the Activity Is Occurring

As part of MMV/MRV requirements, the monitoring and verification of CO2 containment in carbon capture and sequestration projects may require the use of leak detection methodologies, including environmental monitoring.
The insights gained from understanding and monitoring your operations emissions optimization opportunities can be identified and quantified.

Our portfolio of technology, solutions, and expertise is proven and deployment-ready to help industry start achieving progress TODAY on their journey to Net Zero emissions.
We have implemented an annual reduction of over 4.4 Mt. The optimization opportunities include advance process control, fired and combustion equipment optimization, and electrical usage optimization.
Mark Guirguis - CarbonVue SME

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