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The Altronic DET-1600/1620 Detonation Sensing Monitors are electronic instruments designed for natural gas engines to detect detonation and misfire and avoid engine damage. The device uses piezoelectric vibration sensors mounted directly on the engine to transform vibrations into electrical signals. The monitor measures these values against misfire and detonation setpoints configured by the user. The DET system accepts up to 16 sensors and can take control actions to protect the engine, such as activating an external unloader or retarding ignition timing. If these measures fail, the system shuts down the engine. The system is housed in a rugged, aluminum enclosure and features a backlit LCD display for system information. System configuration is done through an RS485 serial port and an easy-to-use program.
Altronic DET-1600/1620


Monitors the engine for in-cylinder misfire conditions
Automatic load reduction and engine shutdown functionality
Can be connected to most Altronic digital ignition systems for automatic timing retard control in the event of detonation
CSA-certified for use in Class I, Division 2, Groups C and D hazardous areas