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S7203 - DeltaV Advanced Controls

Course number
$5,017 CDN (price per student; taxes extra)
  • Edmonton
    Sep 16, 2024 - Sep 20, 2024
    Monday-Friday (half day)


4.5 Days
Monday-Thursday 8am–4pm
Friday 8am-12pm (approximate end times)

Max Capacity

9 Students (registration is first come, first serve)


This 4.5-day course is designed for control system engineers who will be using DeltaV Advanced Control features. The principal technology that is utilized in each product will be discussed, and 50% of the course will be hands-on workshops.

Students will log into a simulated facility environment to apply the advanced control features to process applications. The course will feature approximately 1 day on PID Tuning Review, and 3.5 days on DeltaV PredictPro (MPCPro/Plus).


PID Tuning Review
  • Process Modeling
  • Lambda Tuning for Self-Regulating and Integrating processes
  • Tune with DeltaV Insight
DeltaV PredictPro (Model Predictive Control)
  • Model Predictive Control Background and Theory
  • MPCPro/Plus Controller Setup
  • Plant Testing for Process Model Generation
  • Large Process Applications using MPCPro/Plus
  • Real-time Optimization using embedded Linear Programming (LP)
  • MPC and LP Tuning to meet process objectives
  • MPCPro Control and Optimization Strategy Design and Development
  • DeltaV SimulatePro
Advanced DeltaV PredictPro Topics
  • CV/MV Loopbacks
  • Nonlinear Gain Scheduling
  • Advanced Integrating Process topics
  • Linearizing Basic Process Control System
  • Model Administration
  • Addressing Fast and Slow Dynamics
  • MPC Parameter Interfacing
  • Operator Graphics Best Practices


This is an advanced course for personnel who design, implement, commission, and service DeltaV control strategies.


Completion of course 7009 and/or 7409

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