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7026V - DeltaV Cybersecurity (Virtual)

Course number
$5,443 CDN (price per student; taxes extra)
Virtual Classroom
  • Online Classroom
    Sep 9, 2024 - Sep 13, 2024
    Monday-Friday (half day)


4.5 DaysMonday-Thursday 8am MST-4pm MST
Friday 8am MST-12pm MST (approximate end times)

Max Capacity

9 Students (registration is first come, first serve)


The 4.5 day DeltaV Cybersecurity course focuses on the DeltaV Security Manual and the practical implementation of the guidance provided within. Students will engage in activities to properly apply Emerson’s Defense-in-Depth strategies so that students can have the skills to apply these same strategies on their DeltaV systems. Students are encouraged to read the DeltaV Security Manual before attending class.


DeltaV Deployment Guidelines & Physical Security

  • Define the expected DeltaV installation environment
  • ​Define physical access rules (cabinets, switches, consoles, etc.)

DeltaV Area Control Network

  • Define proper network segmentation and topology rules
  • Use DeltaV Firewall-IPD and Smart Switches
  • Lock and protect embedded nodes

Communications Security & Remote Access to DeltaV

  • Define communication and security requirements for remote access
  • Use Emerson Smart Firewall
  • Deploy Remote Desktop Gateway server
  • Configure DeltaV remote desktop server

Active Directory Design & User Account Management

  • Define Active Directory implementation guidelines
  • Create customized DeltaV users and groups
  • Audit user privileges
  • Configure password policies through Group Policy Objects
  • Configure smart card login for Windows and DeltaV
  • Create View-Only user account

Device Hardening & Event Logging

  • Define device internal and interface protection rules
  • Deploy DeltaV Endpoint protection and Application Whitelisting (McAfee)
  • Configure daily antivirus scans
  • Manage whitelist inventory, adding applications to whitelist
  • Configure Windows Firewall
  • Create USB/Removable media Group Policy Object
  • Configure syslog and other device logs to report to a System Information and Event Management (SIEM) appliance
  • Configure DeltaV Network Security Monitoring appliance
  • Use SIEM dashboard to show system events

Software Patching

  • Define how to obtain and install security patches
  • Use Emerson’s Automated Patch Management solution

Backup & Recovery

  • Define best practices and available technologies to backup critical data
  • Use the DeltaV Backup & Recovery (Acronis) software


DeltaV System Administrators or IT personnel responsible for implementing DeltaV security


7027 or 7024

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