7032 - Fieldbus Systems and Devices

8am to 4:30pm / 4 Days
$4,450 (Prices subject to change)

This 4 day lecture/lab course provides hands-on experience working with the integration of FOUNDATION fieldbus devices and DeltaV. The student will be able to: install fieldbus instruments and segment checkout for the correct operation of the physical layer; use DeltaV to perform AMS Device Manger methods such as calibration, setup wizards, zero trim, and diagnostics; implement a pressure loop using FOUNDATION fieldbus function blocks with Control Studio; and configure PlantWeb Alerts and device alarm parameters.


  •  FOUNDATION fieldbus overview
  •  Macro cycle execution
  •  Fieldbus Function Blocks
  •  Control strategy configuration
  •  Control anywhere
  •  FieldVue theory of operation
  •  Transmitter theory of operation
  •  AMS Device Manager methods
  •  Fieldbus wiring practices
  •  System troubleshooting
  •  Configuring fieldbus device
  •  Alarms and PlantWeb alerts
  •  Configuring a fieldbus operator display
  •  Segment checkout procedures

Note: A demonstration on the 475 Field Communicator and ValveLink for Fieldbus will be provided and available to students for optional activities.

Course #7009 or #7018

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