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S230 - MLT/MLA Level I - Machinery Lubrication

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3 Days
8am MST - 4pm MSTĀ (approximate end times)

Max Capacity

10 StudentsĀ (registration is first come, first serve)


Spartan, in collaboration with Des-case, is proud to host a three-day course covering both the ICML Machinery Lubrication Technician and Machinery Lubricant Analysis Level I Body of Knowledge.

This practical machinery lubrication course is designed to educate attendees on a variety of topics in the field of machinery lubrication, including lubricant application, contamination control and oil analysis. The focus of the class is to create awareness of the important issues in lubrication and offer practical, effective solutions to the challenges facing today's maintenance professionals.

  • How lubrication impacts machine reliability
  • How lubricants work
  • Common lubricant failure modes
  • Lubricating oil application methods
  • Grease application methods
  • Lubrication considerations
  • Lubricant contamination control
  • Storage and handling for new lubricants
  • Used oil analysis
  • Oil sampling methods
  • Essential equipment modifications for lubrication best practice


  • Lubricant types and selection
  • Precision application of oils and greases
  • Best practices for contamination control
  • Optimum storage strategies for lubricants
  • Basics of oil analysis and oil sampling

Upon completion of the three-day MLT/MLA Level I course, a successful student will be able to:

  • Understand how lubrication impacts machine reliability
  • Understand how lubricants work
  • Understand the most common lubricant failure modes and how to prevent them
  • Choose the most appropriate oil application methods
  • Properly apply grease
  • Understand how contaminants impact lubrication and how to control particles and moisture
  • Understand best practices for lubricant storage and handling
  • Understand the basics of oil analysis
  • Take a proper oil sample
  • Understand how to modify equipment to achieve lubrication best practice



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