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SVA300 - Bettis EHO Electro-Hydraulic Operator Actuator Product Training (formally B-EHO-1)

Course number
$1,000 CDN (price per student; taxes extra)


1 Day
8am MST - 4pm MST (approximate end time)

Max Capacity

9 students (registration is first come, first serve)


This 1-day course provides an introduction and overall working knowledge of the Bettis EHO Electro-Hydraulic Operator. This program provides the fundamentals of the product features, electrical and hydraulic operation and component overview. Each student will learn how to identify and troubleshoot the electronics as well as mechanical components. Students will learn how to interconnect various control configurations and they will learn the basic skills required to provide on-site operation, maintenance and servicing.

  • Identify the basic components and assembly of a Bettis EHO by function, configuration and operation of the Standard and Smart models
  • Learn Bettis EHO wiring diagrams and hydraulic diagram interpretation skills. These skills are required to operate and maintain the Electro-Hydraulic operator.
  • Configure the Bettis Smart EHO with local controls with the local display module
  • Develop the skills required to provide on-site operation, maintenance and servicing


  • Bettis EHO Introduction
  • Component Overview - Standard vs Smart
  • Basic Operation
  • Model code and training
  • Review of document package provided with each operator (w/d, hydraulic schematic, general arrangement drawing and BOM)
    • Setup and commissioning
  • Customizing Smart EHO settings
    • Recommended maintenance


This course is designed for technicians, mechanics, operators and others who are responsible for the installation, maintenance and efficient operation of Bettis EHO actuators.



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