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VideoXpert Professional is a video management system (VMS) in a single box, designed for easy setup
and robust monitoring in small or moderately sized applications. Designed for Windows platforms, VxPro is easy to install, quick to setup, and provides an intuitive interface that helps operators use video captured bythe system.
VxPro is available in tailor-made hardware solutions or in software solutions to support your existing VMS
infrastructure, VxPro provides options to support the throughput you need, and different amounts of storage in RAID 6, RAID 5, or JBOD arrangements to fit your needs for retention, redundancy, and fault tolerance.
Software licenses operate in terms of channels, so you don't overpay for the solution you need. The
system supports unicast and multicast transmission modes, easily adapting to your network scheme.
Server models also include Dell’s iDRAC (integrated Dell Remote Access Controller) platform and support
for Dell’s OpenManage tools, allowing administrators to remotely configure and support VxPro servers,
reducing the need for physical access to the server. Using the iDRAC controller, you can monitor hardware and receive email alerts via SNMP.


  • "VideoXpert in a box" functionality for small to mid-sized sites
  • Simple setup / IT-Friendly — designed for Unicast or multicast environments using
  • Microsoft® Windows® for easy configuration and maintenance
  • Available in different hardware configurations to support the needs of different sites
  • Supports MJPEG, MPEG-4, H.264, and H.265
  • Supports monitor walls, including cell layouts and cameras
  • Up to 450 Mbps throughput per recorder
  • Supports attached storage (NAS) to extend video retention
  • Includes VxToolbox for simple configuration of one or more servers
  • Includes pre-defined roles for easy user creation, and also supports granular editing of user permissions
  • Motion Pixel Search for server side motion detection and quick retrieval of events
  • 4k/H.264 and H.265 support for live and playback modes for cameras that support streaming through ONVIF, and the ability to export recorded segments
  • HTTPS support for Pelco and third-party cameras
  • Supports environments that use anti-virus and firewall software
  • Imports users and roles from existing LDAP servers to reduce administrative overhead, and enables single sign-on (SSO)
  • Check on VMS and camera health using SNMP (VxSNMP is available as a free, separate download)
  • Capable of listening for ASCII commands on a serial and Ethernet port simultaneously (ASCII Service is available as a free, separate download)
  • Includes Event Monitor Service feature, capable of polling for alarms from devices and performing specified actions when an alarm state change occurs (VideoXpert Event Monitor Service is available as a free, separate download)
  • Ability to expose video streams to third-party clients, with customizable RTSP endpoints that allow a client application connection to a VideoXpert System stream via the VxConnect service (VxConnect is available as a free separate download)
  • VxPortal web based client allows viewing and exporting video without installing any software
  • Check on VMS and camera health using SNMP (VxSNMP is available as a free, separate download)
  • Extensible through mapping and plugins, including video information overlays and license plate recognition