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SpartanPRO™ CEMS SpartanPRO™ CEMS

Reliable, stable analytical technologies for continuous emissions monitoring can ensure compliance and improve overall performance and insight into an operation. All SpartanPRO™ CEMS are built to meet Alberta and Canadian CEMS codes

The multi-component Quantum Cascade Laser analyzers have several great features to simplify CEMS measurement:

  • Measure up to 12 components simultaneously
  • Accurate and sensitive gas measurements
  • Excellent linearity of response and repeatability
  • Auto validating fitting algorithms ensure analyzer performance without taking technician time
  • Low maintenance and low lifetime cost of operation
  • Continuous health diagnostic reporting
  • Intuitive, simple front panel user interface allows complete access to instrument
  • Systems built to match operating permit requirements
  • The QCL Analyzers are field-serviceable and completely configurable, with a modular design for up to six lasers and up to 12 gas measurements*

* Additional technology such as IR, UV, Paramagnetic or Chemiluminescence is available upon request.

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Reduce the risk involved in executing complex CEMS projects with turnkey services. Spartan’s Analytical Systems and Integration Capabilities can eliminate potential risk involved with complex CEMS projects. Our complete turnkey services include:

  • Project Management
  • System design, manufacturing and integration
  • Procurement
  • Certification and documentation
  • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)
  • Site Acceptance Test (SAT)
  • Commissioning and start-up (C&SU)
  • Training at Spartan’s Edmonton Automation Centre or on-site
  • Lifecycle services support
  • Expert CEMS consulting services
  • CSA certified

SpartanPRO™ CEMS packages are available complete with regulatory Data Acquisition Handling Systems. Our DAS meets current and future Canadian codes and is fully customizable to provide:

  • Continuous real-time data collection and storage
  • Hardware interaction using OPC and Modbus communication protocols
  • Advanced data visualization, processing and reporting
  • Cylinder gas audit (CGA) application is capable to perform CGA checks to comply with Alberta CEMS Code and Environment Canada regulation requirements
  • Each data collection unit has an embedded database engine to store all acquired data locally along with sending it across the network. The database is effectively replicated in the main server PC providing full data redundancy

Spartan’s Services team is here to support you. Our trained technicians can provide:

  • Commissioning and start-up (C&SU)
  • Training at Spartan’s Edmonton Automation Center or on-site
  • Telephone support/troubleshooting
  • On-demand local field service available 24/7/365
  • Paid maintenance agreements
  • Remote service capability with SpartanPRO™ Connect
  • Inventory of spare parts available in-stock and available for next day delivery
  • In-house analyzer repair shop
  • Site audits for existing installations