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Sample Handling and Conditioning Systems for Product Analysis

Sample Handling and Conditioning Systems for Product Analysis

Analyzers – including gas chromatographs, pH, conductivity, and moisture – are designed to provide accurate, repeatable process measurements. To protect the analyzer and keep the sample stream within the instrument’s operating envelope, a sample conditioning system is often required.
Sample System Overview

Sample System Overview

Spartan’s Sample Conditioning Solutions include components to protect your assets from process events like pressure or temperature deviations, or liquid carryover.  The system prepares the sample by performing actions such as reducing the pressure and temperature, filtering the sample streams to be measured, and more.  

We also commonly incorporate other controls like vaporizing regulators and sample coolers to ensure that the solution provides a consistent sample to the analyzer.  While our designs have been applied to many of the most common analyzers based on our decades of experience and OEM knowledge, they can also be used as the basis of a customized design for your specific application.


  • Standard designs
  • Flexibility for custom requirements
  • Fully insulated and heated for outdoor use
  • Capable of supporting multiple measurements
  • Optional: Stainless steel Nema 4X enclosures
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