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Pelco’s iconic Esprit® Series positioning system provides best-in-class image quality and pan/tilt performance.
Esprit Enhanced provides the total package of impressive image quality, valuable software features, and time-tested pan/tilt performance suitable for any installation environment.
Esprit Enhanced has long provided a Full HD 1080p 30x optical zoom camera but with Pelco's latest product evolution a powerful new SureVision 3.0 enabled camera is now available featuring 130dB of True Wide Dynamic Range and low light performance up to twenty times better than past Esprit models. The new SureVision 3.0 camera is available in either a standard or pressurized 30x optical zoom module that delivers market leading image quality for even the toughest outdoor environments. Paired with Pelco's illuminator modification, the camera ensures that image quality is top-of-the-line, even on the darkest of nights.
Esprit Enhanced has historically packed in many features that enhance the total value of the system, and with the new SureVision 3.0 cameras, even more value has been added. Since its inception, Esprit Enhanced has had a full suite of built in video analytics, 32 window blanking privacy zones, and electronic image stabilization.
Options via two small, form-factor pluggable transceivers (2 SFP ports). This may include Fiber, Ethernet over Coax, and UTP Extension. In addition to the vastly improved low light and wide dynamic range performance, the new SureVision 3.0 cameras now provide Image Defog, five new White Balance modes, and the popular Vivid Imaging Mode. Three levels of Image Defog are now available helping enhance images on foggy or rainy days. New White Balance modes allow the user to overcome difficult lighting conditions caused by external sources such as Sodium Vapor lamps and the Vivid Imaging mode provides an option for automatically increased color saturation and sharpening when enabled.
Esprit Enhanced brings together the very best in enclosure design, PTZ mechanics, and receiver technologies to produce the industry's leading high-speed camera system. Installed around the world for more than 16 years, Esprit Enhanced has been constantly updated to provide the latest pan/tilt and imaging performance. The camera is easy to install, easy to use, and highly reliable.
Pelco Esprit HD


Surevision 3.0 Technology
130dB wide dynamic range (WDR), advanced low light down to 0.03 LUX, anti-bloom technology,
Up to Full HD 1080p and up to 60 images per second
Full Suite, Built-In Analytics
AutoTracker, adaptive motion detection, abandoned object, and more.
Defog Mode
Three levels of fog removal within the image for improved image quality during bad weather conditions
Contrast & Colour Mode
Vivid mode to drastically improve the contrast and colour saturation
Electronic image stabilization (EIS)
Pan/Tilt and enclosure with integrated optics package (IOP) or
Dual stream H.264 IP video with wmart compression
Vari-Zoom IR illuminator option with 200 meter range
Dual mode illumination option with IR and white light LED banks
16 Preset Tours, 256 Presets, 32 Window Blanks, 8 Patterns, 8 Scans