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The Altronic DET+ or DET+(LV) is a 32-bit, microprocessor-based electronic instrument that detects misfire and detonation in industrial engines.
It accepts industry-standard piezoelectric vibration sensors mounted on each cylinder and evaluates the resulting vibrations on a cycle-by-cycle basis against user-defined setpoints. If a setpoint is violated, the DET+ or DET+(LV) can activate an external unloader to reduce the engine's load or retard the ignition timing. If neither action is successful, a second output switch shuts down the engine to prevent damage. The DET+ or DET+(LV) can handle up to 16 sensors with one sensor per cylinder, and has user-selectable communication protocols. It can be used as a component of a PLC+ control panel or as a standalone product, and all functions can be controlled by a human-machine interface such as the Altronic MIDAS display.
Altronic DET+ / DET+(LV)


Compatible with most Altronic digital ignition systems to offer automatic timing retard when a cylinder is experiencing detonation events
Automatic load reduction and engine shutdown functionality
Up to 16 engine cylinders for misfire or detonation events
User selectable communication protocols
EtherNet/IP™ or Modbus/TCP
Din-Rail mounted