LACT Units

Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) units measure the net volume and quality of liquid hydrocarbons. Abrasive material in crude oil cause mechanical part wear which increases maintenance, operational costs, and safety risks.  

Approved by Industry Canada, Rosemount's Micro Motion Coriolis technology improves safety, reduces maintenance, and improves volume and BS&W accuracy. The Micro Motion meter measures mass, density and temperature and provides a volume output based on the internal calculation of Volume = Mass / Density. The technology has no internal moving parts, thus eliminating maintenance concerns. The density compensated BS&W and API Chapter 11.1 volume calculations can be provided in the Emerson ROC 800 flow computer running Liquid Allocations software.

Coriolis products are commonly used for flow and density measurements in applications such as crude oil, pipeline custody transfer, truck loading/unloading, and more. Spartan Controls represents Micro Motion, which provides industry leading accuracy and reliability even in the toughest process conditions. Micro Motion meters are the highest performing coriolis flow and density measurement devices available today.
ROC 800L
Emerson’s ROC800L is a flexible yet easy to configure powerful flow computer that utilizes the well-known and reliable ROC800 platform. The ROC800L is capable of measurement and control of six liquid and six gas meter runs in a single flow computer. It is able to complete calculations for API Groups A, B, C, D, and E as well as custom liquid calculations when physical characteristics of the products are known.
The FloBoss S600+ is an industry leading flow computer with the horsepower to tackle any of your flow application requirements. The S600+ has the built in capability to store 20 separate configurations which are selectable upon boot up, and measure up to 10 flow runs while completing double precision calculations.
Rosemount 3051S
With its scalable platform delivering integrated pressure, DP flow and DP level solutions, the Rosemount 3051S Series of Instrumentation is the industry’s premier measurement choice.
With the Rosemount 3144 Temperature Transmitter, you gain greater visibility into your temperature processes so you can improve safety, comply with regulations, make the most of your limited resources, and reach your production and quality targets. By leveraging the diagnostic capabilities and the unparalleled reliability and accuracy of the Rosemount 3144, you can minimize off-spec product, reduce maintenance and downtime, improve the usage of your limited resources, and meet regulatory demands.

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