High Pressure Steam Letdown

Steam erosion with some liquid cavitation can cause steam blowdown valves to experience body and trim damage. A significant amount of erosion is estimated to occur through clearance flow, which occurs when the valve is closed and high pressure steam flows past the plug seals and seat. Certain materials are able to withstand these process conditions with little effect, while some may have significant damage.

The standard hard-facing alloy for trim parts used in Fisher products have superior performance in these severe service conditions. This material has a very desirable combination of properties such as high falling resistance, optimal metal/metal sliding wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high hot-hardness, high-temperature oxidation resistance, and excellent resistance to cavitation and flashing damage.

Spartan also recommends a proper shutoff rated construction. The proper pairing of components and actuation allows for high quality performance in severe service conditions and significantly improved seal life and reliability. 

From high noise control applications, cavitating clean and dirty liquid services, highly erosive services, to steam conditioning/desuperheating applications, the proper selection of technology is key to reliable and efficient performance. With decades of application experience in Western Canada, Spartan Controls has seen just about every severe service application.

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