SMART Asset Monitoring

Corporately and at site, silos of data exist, even within groups, making collaboration and timely decision making difficult. The information required may exist across various silos of data requiring painstaking manual labor to collect, extract and correlate information. In many instances, the proper data and information required for accurate decisions from assets is missing or incomplete. 

Emerson's AMS platform allows for accurate decision making through commissioning, start-up and operations providing necessary information, diagnostics and reporting to establish and operate a proactive and predictive reliability program. The ability to seamlessly integrate the reliability and maintenance systems with the control system greatly reduces network hardware requirements and streamlines the flow of information to the correct personnel. Proactive maintenance programs, on average, cost one third of reactive maintenance and requires fewer personnel to operate at a higher throughput.

Asset Management
Achieve “Best in Class” Reliability and Maintenance performance by incorporating AMS Predictive technologies within your reliability based maintenance programs. Using the Predictive and Diagnostic capabilities of AMS, Spartan Controls can help you achieve a step-change in cost reduction and improved asset/process availability and related uptime.
Emerson's AMS Machinery Health Manager diagnoses and communicates the health of mechanical and rotating machinery using data from several predictive maintenance technologies. Vibration data that is understood by both operations and maintenance leads to accurate decision making.
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