Fisher® Genuine Parts


Why Genuine Parts Are Important to You

Although the price of replicator parts can be attractive, these parts will cost you more in the long-run in areas such as reliability, maintenance and safety.

  • Reliability: Replicator parts need to be replaced more often, leading to higher costs for additional parts and unplanned downtime that could impact your profitability.
  • Safety: There is a risk that replicator parts have been produced using incorrect or substandard materials. The appropriate materials of construction are critical and using parts made from the wrong materials for your process may threaten worker safety, cause environmental concerns or damage operating equipment.
  • Quality: Replicator parts are not made to proper specifications and it is unlikely they have been tested in actual Fisher® equipment to verify performance. Additionally, these parts are not made using the material quality controls, manufacturing techniques, tooling, or inspections that are used for Fisher® genuine parts.

Spartan Controls: The Right Part – Right Now

Spartan Controls can provide you with efficient control valve spare parts management to minimize downtime and mitigate risk.

  • Full range of same day/next day inventory shipped and delivered on time
  • Spare parts kits that contain the parts typically needed for routine maintenance
  • Parts can be manufactured at Fisher® Life Cycle Services for quick delivery

Successfully handle unplanned events on your site by utilizing our extensive variety of available inventory.

Genuine Fisher® parts. No other can match their long-term performance

A solid lubricant dispersed throughout their cross section maintains static and dynamic friction coefficients for consistent and smooth operation.
Trim Parts:
Constructed of hardened stainless steel, trim parts are engineered, precision manufactured and tested to provide long-time reliable operation.
Packing Systems:
Engineered and tested to operate in Fisher control valves at various pressures and temperatures, Spartan offers seven Fisher packing selections to help you choose the right solution for our application.
The molded design and formulation is tested to exceed 1,000,000 cycles in a Fisher research and test lab. This formulation also results in low temperature felxibiliity (-60 degrees F, -51 degrees C).

Local Support

Our in-depth knowledge of local industries allows us to provide superior problem-solving, and our technical specialists have access to the original specification for your control valve, actuator, or instrument even if the device is several decades old.

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