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Power & Utilities
SpartanPRO™ Industry Ready Solutions

Power & Utilities

Our library of SpartanPRO™ Power & Utilities industry-ready solutions has been developed over the past 20 years while working on Western-Canadian Power & Utilities applications.

These site-tested solutions tackle the toughest and most economically-significant applications in the power & utilities industry and can help bring operational performance in your
plant to the next level.
Improve steam generation efficiency and reduce GHG emissions by up to 5% across all unit types. This comprehensive solution covers fuel train management, feedwater load allocation, drum level control, combustion efficiency control, automated startup and shutdown, and steam quality optimization. 
Stabilize steam pressure across multiple headers and prevent boiler trips through effective coordination of steam generators, turbines, transfer lines, vents, and steam sinks.
Increase profitability from power generation by up to 5% with real-time optimization of boiler fuel allocation, turbine management, and power market pricing.
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