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Small Producers Energy Efficiency Deployment Program
At Spartan Controls, we understand that effective management of energy, emissions and environmental performance are critical in driving costs down and meeting regulatory compliance requirements. ERA has played a pivotal role in this space, helping create a robust clean tech sector, and the Small Producers Energy Efficiency Deployment program  (SPEED) will be another giant step towards reducing emissions and costs.
We are relentlessly developing and providing carbon reduction solutions that can be applied across the broad range of industrial markets we serve. That’s why we welcome the Government of Alberta and ERA’s new investment through  the funding, which will advance energy efficiency technology in the oil and gas sector. This directly ties to our commitment of shaping a sustainable and greener energy future.

Clean Tech Solutions

The REMVue® AFR is an advanced air-fuel ratio control system for performing a rich-to-lean conversion, as well as engine control and optimization.

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Hyundai manufactures a wide range of industrial motors, providing Customers with the best motor for their environment and operating conditions. 

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Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) are used to control the speed of electric motors. VFDs are integral to process control and can also help reduce electricity costs.

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Complete, engineered solutions for safe, efficient boilers in a variety of industries, including refining, petro-chemical and power generation.

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The CROSSFIRE Instrument Air Compressor is an ultra-low power device that produces over 1100 Standard Cubic Feet per Day of clean, dry compressed air at 35 PSI using solar power, or over 900 Standard Cubic Feet per Day at 50 PSI.

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Westgen EPODs are specifically designed to provide up to 100 scfm of clean, dry instrument air that will eliminate the methane gas emitted from your pneumatics.

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Tackle the toughest challenges in your industry with our library of field-tested Advanced Process Control Solutions

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Spartan has a dedicated team to help you quantify your funding opportunity and can assist you with your applications, technology deployment and quantification.

The deadline for funding submissions is May 9th, contact us today and we’ll start down the path together to meet your emission reduction targets.

Eligible Technologies
SPEED expands access for oil and gas producers, adding incentives for new measure categories to the already 60 commercially available technology types offered through Energy Savings for Business:

  • Air Fuel Ratio Controllers
  • High-Efficiency Engines
  • Pump Jack Electrification

Eligible Businesses
All oil and gas facilities that have a facility code with an Operational Status of Active (Petrinex or equivalent) are eligible to participate. Projects must occur at facilities located within Alberta and be operated, owned or leased by the Participant, meet project timeline requirements, and follow the criteria outlined in the Participant Terms and Conditions.