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Meter Proving
Customers who have purchased or are purchasing meters in government regulated, custody transfer or plant balance applications can experience a number of challenges:
  • Increased demands by regulatory bodies
  • Difficulties with in situ meter proving
  • Long turnaround delays
  • High maintenance costs related to off-site meter proving
Whether you require annual proving for regulatory purposes, repair, testing, or accuracy verification, in which meter performance is in question, our experienced, factory trained and certified technicians will ensure all of your needs are met.

Spartan has invested in a Master Meter Proving Stand to support our valued Customers. This factory certified, NIST traceable meter calibration stand provides volumetric and density calibrations, on a wide range of meter technologies and sizes. With a tank capacity of 8,500 litres and two parallel centrifugal pumps, the stand is capable of cycling clean water through test meters ranging from 15 to 4,000 litres per minute. 
Vortex meters from ½” to 6” and Micro Motion Meters as large as 10” can be verified for good repeatability and accuracy without having to send out of country for calibration and verification. Utilizing a sophisticated ROC800L proving flow computer, the Master Meter Proving Stand gathers the I/O, performs all proving calculations, and comes with professional calibration reports stored in a Customer profile database. Our hydraulic ram mechanism allows for quick installation of test meters, enabling us to offer same day turnaround capabilities on emergency situations with standard turnaround times of one to two weeks on pre-cleaned metres.