WASP - Early Compressor Valve Leak Notification


BossPac WASP™

Increase equipment up-time with this wireless vibration and temperature monitoring solution.

WASP™ pucks, configured with unique velocity, acceleration, and temperature thresholds, help predict failure in compressor valves and other equipment. These non-intrusive wireless sensor pucks provide condition monitoring without costly hard wiring, and increases equipment up-time.

BossPac WASP™ NEST (Receiver)

Reduce downtime by confidently scheduling equipment maintenance. Use up to 64 BossPac WASP™ pucks to create base cases and automatically recognize vibration and temperature variations. This easy to use, touch screen wireless system can be used for permanent condition monitoring or temporary problem diagnosis solutions. The receiver easily connects to control panels, SCADA and data historians.

BossPac Mobile WASP™ NEST

Monitoring of problem or isolated equipment has never been easier or more affordable with the mobile BossPac WASP™ NEST.

The mobile BossPac WASP™ NEST gives an indication of overall equipment health and helps determine if more detailed vibration analysis is required.


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